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If you want to say something with your body or have the unforgettable dance experience and you are improvised and imaginative, this is a dance group for you!

Since the beginning of the organization of dance education, Liberdance has placed great emphasis on contemporary dance groups (SPTs) and is still one of those who strives to encourage this very specific type of dance education. In seventeen years of our dance studio we had have a large number of dancers (some of them continued to study at dance academies). Numerous very high quality educators (Iva Višak, Selma Banich, Ana Kreitmayer, Rina Kotur, Silvija Marchig, Roberta Milevoj, Sonja Pregrad, Ana Mrak and Sven Bahat) left behind a very high quality dance staff.
Every year an advanced group of our dancers performs a play funded by the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports of the City of Zagreb.
So far the following performances have been performed: "Just dance", "Čuj, Sejo", "Move", "Sound tissue between us", "Eight steps through madness", "All work no play", "WTV" and "Quartet".
Today we have one beginners group under the guidance of Martina Granić.


Educator: Gendis Putri Kartini

Thursdays 19,30 – 21,00

Saturdays  11,30  - 21,00

Coreographic group by Aleksandra Mišić!

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