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Dance to the pianist

The polymorphism of musical compositions of pianist Franka Meštrović is not only in the usual playing of the piano, but it takes into account all of its features that instrument of its structure and characteristics can provide. This approach has enabled the presence of different musical harmonies that give the impression of sounds of different instruments, not just the piano.

This musical approach was an inspiration to the choreographer and performers of a play that has no narrative character but is reflected as music in a series of associative arrays that create mutual relationship and communication. As there are some traditional musical motifs in the composition of Franka Meštrović the play also used some folk motifs and transposed them into contemporary dance dictionary.

Composer and performer: Franka Meštrović
Choreographer: Rajko Pavlić
Performers: Lara Bubić, Angela Bulgaria, Ida Jolić, Dora Stepušin, Kasija Vrbanac

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