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Zagreb Dance Workshop- A place of European dance and cooperation

Education and creativity


The Zagreb Dance Workshop in its new concept aims to become the venue for European dance and cooperation.

Every year at the workshops the guest will be one of the renowned dance academies from abroad, who will have a presentation of their work and one or more guest lecturers of the academy will hold the workshop. In this way, we want to connect with high school institutions and contribute to the quality of education of domestic educators, dancers and choreographers. We want to connect them with foreign dance subjects and thus exchange knowledge, skills and experiences.
We also want to include domestic dance education institutions in this process and contribute to the interconnection.


These activities target four important strategies:

1. Connecting or networking with relevant international institutions in the exchange of dance knowledge and skills and thus linking domestic dance artists with foreign ones.
2. Achieving quality and excellence at all levels of action.
3. Mutual cooperation is based on reciprocal presentations. The academies come to Zagreb as domestic dance artists will be guests in the country from which the academy comes.
4. Creativity and education. Collaboration is based on the presentation of works, smaller projects and certain educational processes.

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