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Open air theater - Kamenjak is a residential educational, productive and post-production space that works on the international connection of artists, educational and other artistic institutions and organizations from Croatia and abroad. The specificity of this theater is that it takes place deeply immersed in nature, thus enriching the ecological conditions in artistic processes, while working on a continuous international co-operation with reciprocity.

This residential art space offers the possibility of free use of space to a variety of artists and other cultural organizations for their artistic and creative creation and production of artworks that have the ambition to be publicly visible and presented to the wider cultural public.

This theater takes place in the natural surroundings and develops symbiosis with nature and draws its artistic creativity and potential from it. Artistic and educational processes take place over a longer period of time necessary to formulate one or more pedagogical-educational and artistic ensembles from which a certain artistic product is created or initiated.


The Kamenjak Theater is the process of creation or continuation of certain works of art that have already begun, which then move to their post-productive stage. It is organized in two parts that make up one program unit: one organized by Liberdance Free Dance Ensemble and the other part that comes from the public invitation to artists to participate in the work of the Kamenjak Theater with its educational and artistic program.


Outdoor Theater - Kamenjak is a continuation of the International Dance Workshop which has been organized in 1998 in cooperation with the Istrian National Theater and Pula Municipal Theater.


Location: Significant landscape of Kamenjak, Premantura, Istria.


Started in 2015 and since 2017 it has been organized as a residential area.

Kamenjak 2018.

Kamenjak 2017

Kamenjak 2016

Kamenjak 2015

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