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For those who like dancing as much as possible, without any limitation and with maximum creativity, the only option is hip hop. Become a part of hip hop culture dancing in Liberdance under the leadership of Martina Drezga and Anteo Ukušić.



Educator: Martina Drezga



Mondays  20,00 – 21,00

Wednesdays  20,00 – 21,00


Middle group


Mondays  21,00 – 22,00

Wednesdays 21,00 – 22,00  




The first organized education and stage promotion of break dance and hip hop began at the Dance Ensemble "Joža Vlahović" (today "Liberdance"). This ensemble of the early nineties broadcasted through Radio 101 the at the time best break dance group "Beat street" in the dance production "From Charlestone to Break" in 1985 in the Theater "Komedija".
It did not take long for the hip hop that was born to the South Bronx and Harlem to be extended and developed in Zagreb. This musical appearance of the Western culture amongst Zagreb youth was broadcasted by Radio 101 in radio shows RAP-ATTACK (Slaven Balen) and BLACKOUT (Dj-Rrx, Phat Phillie) by broadcastng the demos of Zagreb rapers. At the same time, along with this media promotion of hip hop in Zagreb discos Kulušić and Otvorena scena, started dance competitions in break dance, which were an important link in the development of hip hop.
The dance studio "Liberdance" first introduced the poetics of break dance in contemporary dance. With a group of the best breakers we made a play titled "Give me a break", premiered on December 15, 2001 in "Tvornica kulture". The same performance was performed on "Splitsko ljeto" and "Špancir Festival" in Varaždin.
Since 1985, Liberdance is continually organizing break dance training. Since then, so many great dancers and educators have come up to date, such as the legendary Goran Kolarek and Sejo Kukuruzović whose work is continued today by one of their most talented students Hrvoje Lučić-Blade.


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