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The program we offer deals with two separate parts:

1. Modern day dance for preschool and school age children and learning of urban dance styles such as hip sling, jazz dance, dance novelties and social dances.

2. Classical ballet for children. This activity is offered for children aged 3 to 6 y.o.

Like all other branches of art, ballet too has an irreplaceable means of aesthetic education whose purpose is to develop a sense of beauty, laying the foundations of musical tastes.
Allow your child to meet and love classical ballet from the earliest youth.
The early start of classical balleting allows ideal development of the body posture, proper breathing, strengthening of the muscles, and generally increasing the level of physical strength with the development of an always desired harmonic movement.

Every class begins with a series of exercises by a barre and continues the combinations in area around it. Along with the basic elements, the skills of turning and balancing are performed with a professional educator.



Children's dance program (urban dance styles, hip-hop, poping, locking...)

Educators: Iva Hađina and Tin Bilić



Children 6 to 8 y.o.

Thursdays 18,30 - 19,30


Saturdays 11,30 - 12,30


Children 9 to 12 y.o.


Mondays and Wednesdays 18,30 - 19,30


Educator: Matea Gregurić


Children 3 to 5 y.o.


Saturdays 10,00 – 10,45


Children 6 to 8 y.o.


Saturdays 10,45 – 11,30




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