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Program 15th July - 15th August 2017

Residential program:

Art Academy from Osijek, the play "Who am I"
Educator: Associate Prof. Robert Raponja
Performed: 21st July 2017

Four dancers from Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, /H/ Project "Venusian"

Performed: 21st July 2017

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London /UK/ and dancers from the Dance Department of the Academy of Dramatic Art of the University of Zagreb
Educator: Tony Thatcher, professor of postgraduate studies at TL, work on "Xdraw - Rescore" project.
Performed: 09th August 2017

Kasija Vrbanac and Karlo Mrkša, project "Lukovica"
Performed: 15th August 2017

Educational program:

Art organisation Ekscena and Theater ITD, Zagreb
Ang Gey Pin, the Grotowski Method

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